Our History

Formed by a consortium of community banks in 1999, we are a full-service, independent insurance agency, structured to provide local client support and service at each of our offices. Though based out of Glen Allen, Virginia, the foundation of our company can be found in our local communities throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

Our focus on the client experience and finding the right fit to meet all of their insurance, compliance and plan needs is a point of pride for us and what we base our company around. Our commitment to “No Excuse Client Service” includes using the combined resources of each of our locations, and negotiating leverage with insurance providers, allowing us to offer our clients the broadest array of products at the most competitive rates. We also focus on specializing in niche markets in order to offer the types of services our clients need.

The insurance industry is continuously changing, which leads to a natural uncertainty about new laws, regulations, and rules. Some companies can save time when setting up your plan and others offer extremely low rates, but is what they are selling really the right fit for you? We firmly believe, as we always have, that supporting each client and finding the right plans to fit their specific situation and needs, having someone available to answer their calls and give personal, face to face attention, as well as consistent service from a local agent is where the true value will always lie. Our job is to guide you through a complicated process, so should the worst happen, you know you are taken care of.

We are proud to provide personal services designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client, proud to ensure your financial protection, and ready to answer the questions important to you quickly and efficiently.